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Alison Anthoine, JD

Navigate the Uncomfortable by Preparing Long Before the Need Arises

Attorney Alison Anthoine is passionate about educating people about the importance of preparing advance care directives long before they need them. In this presentation she will discuss initiatives she is currently involved with, including her End-of-Life Navigator Program, the online resource platform, and the new Long Before the End Book Group, which will launch later this year.

You can ask questions during this LIVE presentation or join our Facebook Group to participate in ongoing conversations throughout the Expo!


Alison Anthoine has been working as lawyer in and around the media business for more than 30 years. After several years of helping friends and family navigate the healthcare system and two “bad deaths,” she recognized a calling to become an educator and counselor to help people prepare for the end of life. Earlier this year, she completed the Certificate Program in Integrative Thanatology at the Art of Dying Institute at NYC’s Open Center.

Alison has joined the team at, an online platform about living that offers tools and resources for the end of life, as VP for EOL Navigation Resources. She is also preparing to offer workshops to guide the adults in her small Hudson Valley community in the consideration and preparation of advance care directives.

Join this presentation on:

Thursday - November 10th

5 pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern

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About Death Expo:

Death Expo takes place once each year during the month of November. This is the 4th year for this online educational event produced by End-of-Life University, an online interview series that addresses all aspects of the end of life.

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This presentation is part of Death Expo, a free online educational event that features innovators, thought leaders, and pioneers in the end-of-life arena who are working to change how we live and the way we view and prepare for death.

The Expo offers 12 sessions over 4 days, which you can access over your telephone or computer with replays available if you can't attend live. 

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