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The Jewish Perspective on Dying and Death with Rabbi Laurie Dinerstein-Kurs

Posted by Karen M. Wyatt on May 27, 2017 at 7:00 PM

Learn about Jewish traditions and rituals for care of the dying and the dead.

Thursday June 22, 2017

10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern

My guest Rabbi Laurie Dinerstein-Kurs has served as both a rabbi and a chaplain for the past 20 years. She will discuss her work caring for the dead and following the rituals of Judaism in preparation for traditional Jewish burial. This information is important for those of us who care for the dying and want to be respectful of the needs of our patients of Jewish faith. 

Download Rabbi Laurie's handout here.

In this interview you will learn:

  • How a dying patient (goses) should be cared for in the last hours of life
  • What are the duties of a Shomer
  • The Jewish ritual of Tahara (washing of the dead)
  • The role of a Chevra Kadisha 
  • Why a traditional Jewish funeral should be relatively inexpensive
  • Jewish burial customs
  • The mourning ritual (Shiva) for Jewish families

We will also learn from a member of Kavod v'Nichum, a non-profit organization that provides "information, education and technical assistance about Jewish funeral, burial, and mourning mitzvot."

Learn more about Kavod v'Nichum at:


Categories: Care of the Dying, Funeral and Burial Options