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                                   Opening The Heart Of Western Medicine


The Long Before The End Book Group is for those interested in exploring death in contemporary and classic literature. We'll recommend stories that illustrate compassionate ways to move through the hard times and difficult choices around death and dying. Certainly, we can all benefit by learning how to de-stigmatize the conversation around the end of life.


Sophie Glazer taught literature at Purdue University and Merrimack College. Over the course of her career, she’s written numerous essays on topics from culture to romance to etiquette; and led study groups in Shakespeare, classical tragedy, Renaissance poetry, Greek mythology, Victorian sensation fiction, women’s studies, film studies, and Yiddish literature. In each of these area of studies she has contemplated the language with which we acknowledge death, and address, or refuse to address, its presence in our lives.

The Long Before The End Book Group will include a Live Discussion Group with the moderator is a Closed Group on Facebook. Please use this form to register and receive an invite.

By joining, you'll receive announcements each month about upcoming selections, guest moderators and scheduled online discussions. You'll also be able to recommend books and chat with other engaged readers who are ready to help make death literacy part of everyday life.