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                                   Opening The Heart Of Western Medicine

Death Expo 2015 Keynote Speaker:

Heidi Connolly

"Crossing the Rubicon:

Poems of Love and Grief"

Saturday November 21, 2015

1 pm Pacific/4 pm Eastern

Join Death Expo host Dr. Karen Wyatt as she and her guest Heidi Connolly discuss her book Crossing the Rubicon, a book of poems and revelation "downloaded" from her husband Randy after his death.

In this interview you will learn:

  • How Heidi experienced after-death communication with her husband
  • The impact of this communication on her grief and healing process
  • How others suffering from loss and grief might benefit from her story

Since that time she has developed her intuitive skills and applies them in her work with writers and other coaching clients. She has also published Crossing the Rubicon: Love Poems Past the Point of No Return, a volume of poetry—and advice—communicated to her by Randy that helped to heal her grief.

Heidi Connolly began receiving afterlife communications from her husband Randy (and other spirit beings) after his death in 2012. These communications are what have enabled her to learn to live again—and live in joy. Since then, she has incorporated her connection with spirit in everything she does as a writer, editor, self-publishing consultant, musician, and intuitive coach. Her business, Harvard Girl Word & Music Services, offers a unique approach based on many years developing both her expertise and her intuition.

She is the author of several books, including Crossing the Rubicon: Love Poems Past the Point of No Return, coauthored with her husband after his death, as well as the producer of the book’s audio version, which melds her inspirationally guided, improvisational flute music with its text. Heidi provides audiobook narration and guided flute compositions for clients interested in benefitting from the guidance of their loved ones who have passed over. She also conducts cutting-edge workshops on “ghostwriting” (writing with the dead) and writing with conscious intent, both of which focus on how to live and write from the authentic self. She hosts the Bandon Afterlife Meetup, recently presented a “Dead Ted Talk” at the 2015 Afterlife Awareness Conference, and has been interviewed on the Dance to Death Afterlife Podcast. Heidi lives a life of miracles and revelation. She can be found at:

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