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                                   Opening The Heart Of Western Medicine



DEATH EXPO is a 4-day online educational event - like a Conference except you don't need to travel anywhere or take time off work! (and it's FREE!)

The EXPO will feature 12 speakers over 4 days who will teach you how they are changing the perspective on death through their innovative and unique work in the end-of-life field. You can view the roster of incredible speakers below. Read more about the speakers here.

All you have to do is REGISTER for the Expo and you'll receive everything you need to participate in the event!

You will be able to listen to the presentations at your own convenience, on your own computer, in the comfort of your own home! REPLAYS will be available for a limited time in case you can't listen at the time of broadcast.

This year in addition to the speakers and their presentations we will feature some fun new events like streaming an important Documentary Film (and more)!

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When you register for Death Expo 2016 you will automatically be entered into a drawing to receive one of 4 copies of Mortalls: The Death-Positive Conversation Game, courtesy of our sponsor Deep Down Press! We will announce the winners each day during the last interview of the day!

DEATH EXPO 2016 Speakers

Click Here to Register for Death Expo

Important links for DE16:

Register for Death Expo and receive the handout:

"Action Steps for Changing End-of-Life Care in Your Community"

Click Here to Register for Death Expo


Dr. Karen Wyatt

Dr. Karen Wyatt is a family practice and hospice physician who has spent her career gathering spiritual wisdom from her own life experience and from the patients she has cared for over the years. She is the best-selling author of the award-winning books What Really Matters and The TAO of Death and she lectures frequently on her 7-lesson system for living a soul-guided life of meaning and joy. She helps people navigate the difficult times of life and transform their suffering into spiritual growth and awareness.

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Home of MORTALLS: The Death-Positive Conversation Game

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