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                                   Opening The Heart Of Western Medicine

Welcome to the Audio Series Archive

Exclusive Content for The Denver Hospice Staff

Find recordings by title and click on the link or picture

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Self-Care Audio Series

Basic Self-Care Practices:

A Deep Breathing Exercise to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

A Yoga Pose to Recharge Your Energy

Quick Practices:

These recordings are just 2-5 minutes long and each one guides you through a helpful practice for anxiety, frustration, and stress management.

Quick Deep Breathing Practice

Quick Hand Massage Practice

Quick Heart Opening Practice

Instant Gratitude Practice

Audio Series:

1. How to Regroup and Reset After a Difficult Patient Visit

2. How To Deal with Loss as a Hospice Provider

3. How to Deal with Road Rage

4. How to Choose the Best Self-Care Activity (for your day off)

5. How to Handle Sudden, Unexpected Death

6. Managing Grief During the Holidays

7. 5-Minute Self-Care Practices

8. How to Deal with Dysfunctional Families

9. How to be More Present With Your Patients

10. Coping with Fear During the Pandemic

11. What to Do When You Are Exhausted

12. How to Set Healthy Boundaries

13. How to Have More Confidence in Yourself

14. Tips for Dealing with Change Fatigue During COVID-19

15. I've Made a Mistake - What Do I Do Now?

16. How to Stay Positive in Distressing Times

17. The Benefits of Gratitude

18. How to Remain Calm When Everyone Else is Freaking Out

19. Tips for Improving Sleep

20. Dealing with Vaccine Hesitancy During COVID-19

21. Laughter as a Tool for Resilience

Watch Laughter Yoga video here:

22. Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Stress

Check out Dr. Wyatt's Podcast: End-of-Life University

In this podcast I interview experts on all aspects of the end of life and also share my own wisdom and experiences as a hospice physician. Join me for some real talk about life and death!

23. How to Find Little Moments of Joy Each Day

24. How to Lead During Desperate Times

25. How to Not Take Yourself So Seriously

26. How to Leave Work Behind at the End of the Day

27. 7-Minute Meditation for Stress Relief

28. Coping with Seasonal Changes in Daylight Hours

29. 7-Minute Meditation for Focus and Energy

30. How to Forgive Yourself (when you've done something wrong)

31. How to Re-Charge Your Empathy

32. How to Set Healthy Boundaries at Work

33. The Benefits of Being Compassionate

34. How to Love Your Job Again 

35. 7-Minute Happiness Practice: 3 Good Things

36. How to Help Someone with Depression

37. How to Make the Most of Your Vacation

38. How and Why to Practice Self-Compassion

39. Making Anxiety an Ally Instead of an Enemy