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for a Death and Dying Class

If you've been wanting to teach a class in your community about end-of-life issues but haven't done it yet, this free guide can help you get started and get your class going in 2018!

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There are many details to plan before you launch your own death and dying class.

These guidelines are based on years of experience teaching about death and dying in many different settings, as well as best practices from research in community education.

The guide includes:

  • Tips for deciding what type of class to teach
  • How to identify your ideal students
  • Finding the best venue for your class
  • Choosing the structure for your class (e.g. workshop, lecture, retreat, multi-session course, etc.)
  • 3 steps to start your syllabus
  • 3 qualities of a great learning activity for your class
  • When to use a guest speaker
  • Finalizing your class syllabus
  • Additional tips for a successful class
  • Teaching checklist

Sign up here to download the Teaching Guidelines!

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From Dr. Karen Wyatt:

"I'm passionate about improving how people die in our society by promoting end-of-life education in many different settings. If you are interested in teaching others about death and dying, this guide can help you get started and plan your class."