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Welcome to the EOLU Library


Interview Transcripts

Downloadable Interview Transcripts

The following transcripts have been made available for you to DOWNLOAD or PRINT by a generous donation from the Vasudhara Foundation.

If you would also like to support the work of End-of-Life University, you may use the Donate button to the right. All contributions are greatly appreciated and will be used to pay for the costs of recording and transcribing interviews. Thank You!

Click on the Title of the Interview to view the pdf file - you will then be able to Download or Print:

Help support EOLU!!

Now you can make a donation to EOLU using your PayPal account or credit card. All donations will be used to pay for Recording and Transcription of Interviews and Website maintenances. Your donation will NOT be tax deductible but it will be greatly appreciated! Thank you for supporting the cause!