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How to Pack a "Ready to Go" Bag for End-of-Life Emergencies

November 2, 2022

Download the Packing List

Several years ago I received an urgent phone call from my mother's home care nurse telling me that Mom's condition had suddenly declined. It was no longer safe for her to be alone in her home and she needed me to come immediately. I lived five hours away so some of Mom's friends agreed to sit with her while I drove there as fast as I could. I threw a few changes of clothing in a bag with my toiletries and headed out the door.

I arrived just in time to care for Mom in her own home during her last five days of her life. It was an amazing and profound experience that changed me forever. But as those days went on there were numerous times when I wished that I had brought some special items with me--things that would have brought comfort to me but also things to help me create a sacred space as she was dying. I was in too much of a hurry to think of any of those items when I was rushing out the door but I definitely could have used them.

So I decided to create my own "Ready to Go" bag that I can have packed and waiting for the next time I face an emergency end-of-life situation with a loved one. I made of list of all the things I longed for while I was sitting with Mom and I now have them available to use in the future. If you'd like to see the items I've packed check out the tutorial video I made for you below. Be sure to download the list by clicking the button above. I hope you'll make your own "Ready to Go" bag so you can care for yourself and your loved one in an emergency situation.