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a presentation of ... Creative Healing, LLC

                                   Opening The Heart Of Western Medicine

Want unlimited listening to the

Death & Afterlife Summit presentations?

Get the

Afterlife Summit Collection!

You can add all 10 presentations from the Death & Afterlife Summit to your personal library by purchasing the collection.

For just $20 you'll receive downloadable mp3's of all of the presentations, delivered to your email inbox.

PLUS: You'll receive "graphic recordings" of 4 of the presentations that have been created by artist Emily Jane Steinberg. These beautiful images contain her sketches of the content of the presentations and you'll receive them as a BONUS. View a sample in the sidebar to the right.

Here are the speakers you'll be able to listen to and learn from on your own schedule:

Click here to get purchase information for the Collection!

Danielle MacKinnon

"How Animals Teach Us From the Other Side"

Jan Engels-Smith

"Shamanic Journeying and Your Path to the Afterlife"

Suzane Northrop

"Why the Dead Communicate With Us"

Christopher Kerr, MD

"Deathbed Visions in Hospice Patients"

Dr. Linda Backman

"Regression Tools for Grief Professionals"

Austyn Wells

"A Lightworkers Tool Kit"

Pati Pellerito

"Sound Therapy for Dying, Grieving and Tapping Into Higher Consciousness"

Matthew McKay, PhD

"How to Communicate With Loved Ones on the Other Side"

Hollister Rand

"I'm Not Dead, I'm Different"

Rev. Terri Daniel

"Overview of the Afterlife Conference"

This is a GREAT DEAL!!!

Don't pass it up!

Graphic Recording Sample:

This is just a taste of the fabulous images Emily Jane created for us!