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The TAO of Death:

The Secret to a Rich & Meaningful Life

The Tao of Death is an adaptation of the Tao Te Ching, which was written by the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu more than 2000 years ago and has been called “the wisest book ever written.” Lao-Tzu’s verses are still relevant today and have inspired many spiritual seekers and teachers, including Dr. Wyatt who has used the Tao Te Ching in her own spiritual practice.

She wrote The Tao of Death, to focus specifically on the wisdom and spirituality of the dying process, which has long been ignored in Western society. From understanding death as a normal process in the cycle of life, to learning how to live fully and fearlessly, to recognizing the cosmic role of life and death, this important book is for anyone who wants less fear and more joy, love, and meaning in life. 

Each verse is filled with simple yet profound wisdom that can inspire deep contemplation and lead to new awareness about death and dying. By reading one verse a day you will gradually reduce your own fear of death as you become comfortable with the impermanence of life.

“This little book could change everything in your life! Indeed, it is my hope that ultimately our entire society will be transformed by the contemplation of death.”

Get The Tao of Death now and begin the journey to greater joy!

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Excerpts from The Tao of Death:

Verse 51

Love—the Creative Energy of the Universe—

gives rise to everything

and then draws it back again

with perfect timing.

This is the Way of Death.

Love breathes life

into material form

and nurtures, teaches, and protects it,

asking nothing in return,

until life dissolves once again

into Love.

Knowing that your life is just

a single breath of Love,

cherish everything

cling to nothing.

The Way of Death

whispers in your ear:

“There is only Love.”

Verse 18

When we forget that Death is essential for Life,

we identify Death as the enemy.

We use artificial means to keep loved ones alive

long after their time to die.

Scientists create drugs and remedies to conquer Death,

fostering the illusion of immortality.

When families cannot talk about Death

they lose the opportunity to show true love.

When people do not prepare for Death

there is chaos at the end-of-life

and the medical system takes control.

The Way of Death teaches us to live

with integrity, intuition and love,

always mindful of Death as our companion.

Nothing else is needed.

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