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a presentation of ... Creative Healing, LLC

                                   Opening The Heart Of Western Medicine

Death Expo 2015 Keynote Speaker:

Sarah Treanor


A Photographic Journey Through Grief"

Sunday November 22, 2015

1 pm Pacific/4 pm Eastern

Join Death Expo host Dr. Karen Wyatt as she and her guest Sarah Treanor discuss Sarah's creative work: STILL, LIFE | A Photographic Journey Through Grief. Sarah, who at the age of 29 lost her fiance in a tragic accident, will share her own experience with grief and how she used photography to help her find hope. She will include slides of her work in this presentation.

In this interview you will learn:

  • How Sarah came to start the Still.Life project in the midst of her grieving process
  • What she learned about grief on her one-year journey
  • How art can support us through our most difficult times and help us find hope and new beginnings

Sarah Treanor is a fine art photographer, writer and speaker from central Texas. She is most interested in the concepts of life and death - exploring in her photographic and written work the interrelation between the two. Her most recent series, entitled "Still, Life"​, provides a unique glimpse into the private yet universal experience of grief. Widowed at 29, Treanor chronicles her journey of grief with self-portraits and accompanying essays. The result is a deeply emotional and psychological exploration of grief.

As a speaker, Treanor shares her experience of using creativity as a tool to cope with grief and trauma. Creativity has helped her integrate death into living life more fully. She strives to help others process their pain creatively, thus enabling them to live more balanced and meaningful lives in the midst of their struggles.

As an artist and writer, she has used creativity to help herself explore and understand death. Doing so has allowed her to dig deeper and find the gifts within the darkness. She's learned through the years the importance of sharing our stories, interpretations, and perspectives to help ourselves and others heal. It is this unique perspective she brings into her work. 


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Sign up for FREE Access to Death Expo 2015!

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