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a presentation of ... Creative Healing, LLC

                                   Opening The Heart Of Western Medicine

Welcome to the Webinar Series!

Presented by EOLU Death & Dying Class Teachers:

"Changing the World One Student at a Time"

Cynthia Buckley

"Compassionate Guidance Through End-of-Life Transitions"

Soul Midwife and End-of-Life Guide Cynthia Buckley shares the profound beauty of sitting in vigil with the dying. She shows us how to "soften the final hours" of life using the simple tools of our own voice, hands and open heart in this introduction to her TLC Training Course.

Malynda Cress

"The Unresponsive Dying: Using a Different Frame of Reference"

Malynda Cress is a clinical hypnotherapist who acquired the ability to communicate with the unresponsive dying following her own near-death experience. She shares what she has learned from her work with unresponsive patients and how we can best support them during their final days.

Susan Oppie RN

"One Washcloth: Helping to Bring Ritual Back to the Deathbed"

As a nurse involved in end-of-life and death care throughout her career Susan Oppie knows the importance of deathbed rituals to help us process loss and grief. She shares how these rituals have been lost over time and why they are desperately needed in modern medicine. You'll learn how One Washcloth, a project she co-founded, has created a simple ritual that can be used in medical settings everywhere.

Dee Dee Turpin

"A Necessary Conversation: Facilitating End-of-Life Experiences"

As a Facilitator in End-of-Life Care, Dee Dee Turpin helps her clients make informed decisions about the end of life and be pro-active in their search for peace of mind. She shares the transformative 3-step process she uses to guide people to greater death awareness and serenity throughout the end of life.

Carolyn Van Ness

"The Benefits of Dealing with Dying"

Carolyn Van Ness is a nurse practitioner in women's healthcare, an end-of-life doula and a Death Cafe facilitator. She teaches that "death with dignity happens when we accept death as a natural end point of life." She'll share the benefits we experience when we honor the entire cycle of life and face our mortality directly.

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